Parasols In Fashion

Throughout America, Europe and Victorian England a Parasol was considered an essential part of ladies fashion. They were as important to a lady as her gloves,scarves,hats and footwear. Originating in the East Indies some 3,000 years previous, they did not appear in the Americas until around 1740 but by the mid 1800 every woman would own at least two, one black and one white. By the 1860s large bonnets and hats had gone out of fashion and the more dainty head dress was supported by women, so to ward away the suns damaging rays on perfectly smooth and pale skin a parasol was employed to shield the Victorian ladies’ faces.

Parasols became status symbols used by ladies, a lady was never to be seen carrying an umbrella as they were for gentlemens use only to convey ladies from carriage to doors to prevent her being rained on. A lady in an open top carriage would always have her parasol up and on display to all to convey that she was indeed a lady.

Enchanting parasols became one of the most prevelant gifts for a gentleman to give his sweetheart during the 19th century. Because of their elegance, extravagance, and expense, it would have been a grave impropriety for a gentleman to give a parasol to a young lady for whom his intentions were not serious, and in return, a proper and decorous young lady would not have accepted such a gift unless she intended to receive the gentleman, as well Therefore, it became conventional for a groom to give to his bride a parasol as part of his wedding gift to her.

In 1740, a fashionable lady appeared on the street corner in Windsor, Connecticut, carrying what may have been the first parasol ever seen in North America. It had been brought all the way from the West Indies — but her neighbors were anything but impressed. As she strolled around town, propping her open parasol on one shoulder, they mimicked and taunted her, mocking her dainty footsteps as they followed her around town, carrying colanders perched on top of broomsticks!



Original Music Hall Parasol


Here is a fantastic circa 1910 Music Hall parasol.The canopy made from cotton and printed with flowers and borders.The shaft is a solid hard wool and all mechanisms are working and intact. The riginal tassels are still also attached. No holes or marks makes this a truely ideal find for the re-enactor or fair-goer alike. Measuring 29.5 inches in length.

TO BUY £65.00


1960s Parasol With Jewel Handle

parasol 6

This multi-coloured grey and red parasol dated from the 1960s is ideal for that vintage apparel collector.

TO BUY £20.00




New Parasols


A stylish cream/ivory Edwardian style parasol.
Measurements approx 88cm long when the parasol is open the diameter is approx 112cm

This would be a lovely accessory to a wedding outfit to shelter you from the rain or hopefully shield you from the sun.

£19.99 Plus £3.95 postage & packing.

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Latest additions to our range

Black Mourning Style Parasol

black-frill parasol

This parasol is available with the lace frill as shown, or without the frill if you prefer something a little simpler. These are new parasols, not recovered ones, and are very elegant.
With frill £42.50 inc.postage
No frill £32.50 inc. postage