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 Parasols In Fashion

Throughout America, Europe and Victorian England a Parasol was considered an essential part of ladies fashion. They were as important to a lady as her gloves,scarves,hats and footwear. . By the 1860s large bonnets and hats had gone out of fashion and the more dainty head dress was supported by women, so to ward away the suns damaging rays on perfectly smooth and pale skin a parasol was employed to shield the Victorian ladies’ faces.







Two lovely elegant umbrellas, both with creamy coloured covers. These are in excellent condition and would make a lovely colourful addition to an outfit.

£40 inc P and P  

 thumbnail_20201114_152926                                    thumbnail_20201114_153038

A lovely green tartan umbrella with matching case in lovely condition.  An elegant addition to your outfit.

£30 inc P and P

Lovely neck collars to add extra glamour to an outfit

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They retail at the amazing price of only £6 each including P and P