Please complete the Hire form when you are planning outfit hire as this gives us all the details needed to see if we can assist and enable us to answer you promptly.

Hire fees are from £30 per week for a full outfit, plus a refundable deposit: Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Delivery to you and return to us is via carrier service and is from £15 per carton to UK addresses on 48 hour delivery. If you are hiring more than one outfit we will be pleased to quote a bulk delivery price.

What you see on the website is only a small portion of our stock, but here are a few examples of our Victorian Goth and Steampunk attire available for hire. We also have a selection of seperates that can be combined to make a outfit.

Ladies Wear


Gorgeous gothic victorian outfit consisting of sleeveless lace top, jacket sloping to a tail at the back and with reveres to the front, full lace and taffeta skirt with underhoop, finished with a topper and lace gloves and bag..

The skirt is one size and the jacket fits a 38″ Bust. There is a sleeveless black lace top to go under the jacket. Hire fee £40


As an alternative top we have a bustier and lace jacket for a Size 10/12 , the skirt and accessories are the same. Hire fee £40

Ladies waistcoat with matching bloomers and cream blouse plus a straw boater. The waistcoat has various accessories attached and the back of the waistcoat is a fetching stripe fabric.

Suitable  for bust 35/36 and waist max.30. Please note that the bag and shoes are the models own. Hire fee £30

 black and white stripe

Black and white stripe skirt with jacket that has black and white sleeves and trim, black blouse ( or you could wear a corset ) and hoop underskirt. The outfit is finished with black lace gloves , a bag and mini topper. Jacket fits max 36 bust and skirt is one size. Hire Fee £30


Brown jacket, skirt with front swag , brown and cream corset corset, bowler with goggles, and necklace  The necklace is a lace background with several amber pieces attached and charms. .( Please note that telescope is not included) A  bag and gloves  and bustle pad will be included with this outfit. The jacket fits Bust 40and the skirt is one size. The cotset laces at the back and fastens at the front and fits Bust 36 to 40 and waist 35/36. Hire Fee £35


This outfit consists of a bronze taffeta skirt with brown lace overlay, tail coat with inset satin lapels, brown and cream corset, straw pith helmet and necklace. (Please note that telescope is not included) .  A bag and gloves and underhoop will be included to complete the outfit. The jacket fits Bust 38/40, the skirt is waist max. 38  The corset fits up to Bust 40 and waist max.35/36.

Hire fee £35


This outfit consists of lovely taffeta tartan skirt, jacket in muted  in autumn colours, blouse, straw hat and corset. (Please note telescope not included). A vintage satchel and pair of gloves and underhoop will be included to complete the outfit.  The jacket fits Bust 35/36, skirt is max.waist 31. The corse tlaces at the back and has a busk at the front and fits Bust 34 to 38 and waist  max. 32. Hire Fee £35


This outfit consists of a stripe skirt with broderie anglaise infill and trim , cream blose and jacket with trim to match the skirt. The vintage satchel, straw boater and a pair of gloves are included. The jacket fits Bust 36, skirt is waist max. 30. The corset laces at the back and has a busk at the front and fits Bust 34 to 38 and waist max.32

Hire Fee £35

Gentlemen’s attire


Wool jacket in chocolate brown with plaid fall front trousers, biscuit waistcoat and burgundy cravat. A brown bowler with goggles and a pocket watch complement the outfit. Trousers waist 34 Inside leg 30 and jacket chest 42. We have alternative dog tooth check trousers in black/brown in waist 36  inside leg 32 and waist 38 inside leg 31. Hire Fee £35 

ian steampunk gaitered

This outfit consists of shirt, , leather gaiters, steampunk armband, De Joinville neckwear and bowler with goggles. (cross belt and telescope not included). We have a selection of waistcoats in a range of sizes and several different pairs of trousers to be worn with this outfit. We also have a couple of different jackets that can be used with this as well.

Hire Fee for complete outfit £35